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Left Unattended, Mental Pressure Builds Up… Leading to Anxiety, Frustration, Mood Swings, Depression and Even Physical Illness!

But there is a powerful way to protect yourself from the negative effects of this internal pressure. Discover the MUSHIN meditation method – works in as little as 10 minutes!

Today Doctors Recommend & Even Prescribe Meditation!


He Blows People's Mind Away...

“Tristan transforms and touches lives through his mastery and teachings of the Mind-Body-Spirit connection. He blows people’s ‘mind away’ when he teaches at my live events and everyone feels changed for the better through his webinars and seminars. I highly recommend his methods and his ability to help anyone who is serous about their transformation. Let him help you on your path to mastery!” 

J O H N   A S S A R A F

Zen Martial Artist Cracks the Code to Deep Meditation And Shares His Condensed "10-Minute" Formula!

Dear Friend,

In today’s busy world, we are filled with distractions, stress and information overload – tweets, facebook posts and pokes, videos, apps, ads and a gazillion emails. It’s never been more important to slow down and re-center ourselves.

The reality is that it’s not natural to run our brain at this extreme level of stress. Left unattended, mental pressure builds up and leads to anxiety, frustration, mood swings, depression and ultimately physical symptoms such as high-blood pressure, hyper-tension and a host of other disorders!

Since our external world directly affects our internal world, it is essential that we have a practice to tune in and reclaim our balance by mastering our mind. One of the most effective tools to do this is meditation – a practice of relaxing the mind, improving focus and eliminating stress.

I will show you how you can return to center, in just minutes a day, with a very powerful meditation process called The Art of Mushin.

Suffering… Could it be Grace in Disguise?​

“A Journey of Awakening into Consciousness”​

My Story...

My martial arts teacher (Sensei) was a truly amazing instructor. He was full of passion, intense focus and great love for his students. Chuck Norris actually named Mr. Burbidge in his all time top ten list as “one of the best Black Belt Champions that he ever coached!”

During my years of training with Mr. Burbidge, the number one thing he drilled into all of his students was FOCUS! His classes were intense and so was the bare knuckle, barefoot sparring that we did!

You had to really train your mind to be in the moment… you could not afford to ‘check out’ or you’d end up with a foot in your face… and even with great focus that still happened from time to time. 🙂

My Sensei with Chuck Norris

After receiving my Black Belt from Mr. Burbidge in 1987 I had developed a very strong body, along with a disciplined and focused mind. This training in focus, especially from the years of sparring, gave me an edge not only in external combat, but also with my internal sparring (a form of combat that came a little later when my meditation training first began).

However, at this point something very important to me was still missing; I wasn’t totally confident and free from the fear I was hoping martial arts would end! Yes, I was a Black Belt, yes I was strong… but I still experienced awkwardness, nervousness, anxiety, self consciousness and a LOT of fear.

How was it that being a tough martial artist I couldn’t prevent my mind from totally freaking out when asking a girl out on a date? I’d get sweaty palms, I’d stumble over my words… the whole nine yards. Looking back today this seems very funny, but it sure wasn’t back then!

I Should Not Be Afraid Anymore!

These feelings really bothered me especially because I thought that all the intense years of training for my Black Belt would have removed my nervousness and self consciousness. But as it turns out, external strength and external focus alone were not the solution to conquer my core fears (or anyone’s for that matter).

I was blessed a second time by meeting another masterful teacher on my journey. He too was a martial artist and also a natural healing doctor, the now famous herbalist Dr. Richard Schulze.

One day after training I confided in Sensei Cayenne (that was the nickname I had for Dr. Schulze as he used the power of Cayenne pepper to heal his weak heart as a young man). I told him that even with a Black Belt I was still afraid and now I was experiencing so much stress that it was affecting my health.

Dr. Schulze informed me that unattended stress could certainly be the cause of my health conditions and that what was missing was my inner focus, something that martial arts sparring couldn’t give me.

Sensei Cayenne shared with me how he had overcome his fears with the practice of meditation, and that by learning how to meditate I too could begin to develop my inner focus. The instant that he showed me the basics of meditation I absolutely knew he was right; I needed to go beyond my self consciousness and fears, from the inside out.

My Stress And Fear Finally Subsided...

So I had found my next path of mastery… it would be a path of meditation. I decided to dedicated my life to studying the ancient art of Yoga meditation. It required continual practice, but gradually… after about 15 years… I was able to release my old ways of thinking and I found my stress and fear finally subsided. That isn’t to say that I never get afraid anymore… I do. But I now have a quick and effective way to tap into a place where fear, stress, anxiety and worry can’t exist…it turns out there is a state of awareness beyond the mind where negative feelings can no longer trouble us.

I get that to some this may sound impossible, but I am here to tell you, it really works! There is an experience of inner peace that is real. It exists in all of us and it is attainable by all of us. This state of awareness I’m talking about is a state of ‘no mind’ – also known as Mushin. It can be accessed by applying the practice of meditation in the right way. With proper instruction, following a step-by-step sequence – one that puts your mind and body in alignment for the ‘no-mind’ experience to take place. And here’s some really good news, it doesn’t have to take 15 years! 🙂 

The Most Powerful Methods...

I have to admit in the beginning I found meditation very difficult; my mind would wander all over the place. Fortunately I found that if I took my years of external focus (as a martial artist) and connected that concentration to my inner focus I could get into a zen-like state much faster!

The reality is there are a lot of meditation methods out there and knowing how to practice properly can be quite confusing, even to a life-long meditator (not to mention a beginner!) And those advanced, and sometimes esoteric methods, can make it easy to go off track.

I’ve actually seen some folks get emotionally scattered because the energy they generated from meditation wasn’t flowing correctly in the body! This actually happened to me for a little while; my whole body would shake violently because I didn’t understand how to move the life-force energy (a.k.a. Qi, Chi or Prana) through my body in the right direction.

Gratefully over the past 30 years I have had the privilege of working with some of the world’s most gifted meditators and I have since learned the correct way of breathing, focusing and directing the life-force energy.

Which leads me to one of the most powerful methods of meditation I have ever learned – it’s known as Qigong (chee gong). This 5000 year old art actually gave me the greatest healing breakthrough of my life. It helped me end a five-year crippling back condition that even a $90,000 surgery couldn’t. Because it’s SO effective I’ve since combined my favor aspects of Qigong with Yoga and Zen meditation. The fusion of these methods has helped me effortlessly tap into a feeling of relaxed flow and a state of awareness the Zen masters call “No-Mind”.

Discover a State of No-Mind, Known by the Elite Samurai Warrior as: MUSHIN

Mushin is a Zen term, referred to in the Samurai tradition as ‘no-mind’, or ‘no-ego’. When you are in a state of Mushin you become totally present to the moment. You are completely focused, clear headed, fearless, aware, centered and calm.

I have found that anyone can connect to this stress free state of awareness through a simple process of (1) focusing the mind, (2) correct breathing and (3) ‘letting go’. With consistent practice anyone can enter into this deep awareness or “State of Mushin” – at any time.

Now it is widely known that many people find meditation very challenging… often they quit the practice early on because they find it quite difficult to go beyond the mental chatter.

Fortunately, the Zen approach to meditation (Mushin), combined with the releasing methods from Yoga and the flowing energy work of Qigong, it has become almost instant to transcend the anxious mind and experience a profound feeling of inner peace.

Magical Things Started Happening…

This journey of awakening into consciousness has kept me on my toes to say the least. From a young man seeking to overcome extreme fear and anxiety, to a grown man trying to figure out how to heal from a crippling back injury, meditation has been the lifeline that has kept me going and growing.

Looking back I can now say my life has unfolded beautifully, but little did I know it would require great challenges and times of terrible pain to push me into a better place.

Perhaps that’s why one of my teachers was fond of saying “suffering is grace in disguise”. Today I can say this is the case… but it sure NEVER felt like Grace while I was going through the pain of struggle.

Perhaps the greatest reminder is that on the other side of our pain and suffering IS a more joyful life waiting to be discovered. Each lesson, when used and absorbed, can be the catalyst to open us up to a more abundant state of consciousness… we just need to find the right tools and people to support our growth.

I have found that when you hold steadfast to your desire for breakthrough and you learn how to release your stress and fears, re-focus your mind and connect back to your heart – that some very magical things start happening.

To be totally honest, I didn’t expecting that dedicating my life to this path of meditation would lead to the many golden opportunities and pure joy that it has. I was simply looking for a way to conquer my stress and fears so I could be a better me.

Surprisingly, my meditation journey has afforded me many wonderful opportunities; the ability to get past fear and grow my own martial arts school, speak on stages and work closely with many top leaders in the personal growth industry.

I find that when we are in a state of relaxed, flowing consciousness the right doors just seem to open up.

P E T E R  R A G N A R

J O H N  A S S A R A F

J O E  V I T A L E

H A R R I S O N  K L I E N

What I’m able to share with you is the exact meditation process I created over many, many years of personal practice. If you struggle with a loud, busy “monkey” mind, have trouble sleeping, fight with your thoughts or have stress that’s hurting you (or your body) then is the shortcut you’ve been looking for! This is a fusion of five unique meditation steps that quickly release the stress, powerfully center your mind and easily help you connect to a feeling of FLOW.

I’ve dedicated my life to cracking the code to meditation and distilled over 20,000 hours of meditation practice and my personal discoveries into a SIMPLE 5-STEP PROCESS called The Art of Mushin. Now you can conquer stress and fear, in just minutes!

Conquer Stress… Reclaim Your Mind!


I Highly Recommend His Art Of Mushin Meditation Program...

"Sensei Tristan Truscott has decades of experience helping untold numbers of folks reach deeper levels of meditation and inner peacefulness. I highly recommend his Art of Mushin meditation program for anyone looking to begin or deepen their meditation practice.

P E T E R  R A G N A R

Meditation Gives You The Power to Unlock Your Mind... So You Can Unlock Your Full Potential