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“If you want to live to be 100, Do Qigong!” ~Dr. Oz​

QIGONG is an ancient energy boosting practice passed down throughout the ages by wise martial artists who understood the magical ways of cultivating unlimited amounts of Life-Force energy and power, also known as Qi or Chi.

Here’s what CNN’s Robert Winstead reports about this newly emerging practice in the West…

“Dating back more than 4,000 years, the idea remains at the core of traditional Chinese medicine today. It is called “chi.” It means “energy.”

The idea is that breath converts into chi energy in an area of the body called the Dan Tien, the seat of energy according to Chinese tradition. Chi is then sent through the body, promoting and maintaining health. If the flow becomes blocked, that’s when health problems develop.

With millions of practitioners in China and a growing number in the West, the exercises of Qigong will continue to be one gentle way people can use to take charge of improving their own health and well being.”

In this exciting program Tristan Truscott & Peter Ragnar reveal this time tested Martial Art Secret and teach you their complete “6-Step Qigong Energy Blueprint” so you can Turn Back the Clock & Super-Charge your Life!

Dear Friend,

In today’s rapidly evolving world it’s now more important than ever before that we learn how to effectively manage stress, our energy, and therefore our lives.

Think about it…

A decade ago things like Facebook, iPhones, iPads, and tweeting didn’t even exist! It’s safe to say that if we don’t learn to slow ourselves down, life will do it for us.

And unfortunately for many people that’s already happening. Sickness, stress, and dis-ease are at an all time high and there’s no end in sight. That’s why it’s time we reclaim our power and our sanity by learning ancient secrets that have been passed down by Chinese masters for thousands of years…

Because truthfully…We can’t go on like this. Our minds and bodies were not designed to handle this much stress.

Seriously, there is a reason these 5 thousand year old practices like yoga, tai chi, and qi gong, are now coming into the mainstream…We need them!

If we don’t learn to care for ourselves and deal with stress in a healthy manner it can build up and eventually lead to depression, high blood pressure, dis-ease, and for some even a complete nervous breakdown.

Fortunately for you, we’ve spent a combined 90 years of our lives studying martial arts, qi gong, and the secrets of energy. We’ve taken everything we’ve learned from many masters and condensed it down into something anyone can do in just 10 minutes per day.

You will begin to feel the results immediately and without much effort. The practice you’re about to discover is easy, fun, and not strenuous.

Frankly, with the way things are headed in our world, we think you’d be crazy not too!

Sensei Tristan & Sensei Peter

America’s Doctor, Dr. Oz, says the ancient Chinese technique of Qigong is a great way tap into our natural energy and, in turn, combat the aging process. He’s also says “If you want to live to be 100, do Qigong!”

Dr. Oz

Michael Roizen, chief wellness officer at the Cleveland Clinic states, “The magical property of Qigong is its ability to help you deal with the kind of stress that makes us age. Qigong helps slow aging at the cellular level.”

Michael Roizen

“Discover Why This Once “Secret” Science Quickly And Easily Gives You The Energy Of A School Kid Again…(in just 10 minutes!)”

Look, it’s no secret that exercise is good for you. We all know that right?

We’ve all been taught that things like running, going to the gym, and even now yoga are extremely beneficial for our bodies.

But we haven’t been taught much about energy…

And that’s where Qigong is different.

By simply practicing this ancient art form for just a few minutes each day you will begin to cleanse and transform your body and mind from the inside out.

You’ll free up tons of blocked chi (energy) that’s more than likely been stagnant and holding you back for years! You’ll finally have a healthy, safe, easy, fun, and effective way to deal with stress, and simultaneously boost your immune system… and your body will thank you for it!

Qigong has been proven to add years to your life span, supply you with an abundance of energy (by supercharging your cells) and releasing physical pain in a very short amount of time. (and without much effort!)

Imagine what your life will look like 30 days from now as a result of choosing to embark on this incredible, healing journey!

But Don’t Just Take Our Word For It…

Here's What Today's Leading Experts Are Saying...


“The New Yoga…A Sweat-Free Workout!”

Staff reporter Jane Spencer of THE WALL STREET JOURNAL said of Qigong, “Two millenniums later, the ancient practice (qigong) is returning — showing up alongside disco, yoga and aqua aerobics as the hottest trend in stress relief at American spas and health clubs.”

“Just Imagine How Quickly Your Life Will Change Once You Decide To Embark On This Epic Journey Of Health, Longevity, And Unlimited Energy…” (SEE how ours did below…)

It’s safe to say that PAIN is a pretty powerful motivator.

And if you’re in any sort of pain right now keep reading because our story will inspire you to action.

Tristan’s wake up call was a crippling back injury suffered at the height of his Martial Arts career.

As a black belt martial artist running a successful dojo with over 300 students, not being able to practice the martial arts for 5 years sent him on a DEEP healing journey which eventually lead him to Qigong.

He began studying with many Qigong masters and finally one day, he healed his devastating back injury in an INSTANT.

Keep in mind, this was after spending $90,000 on back surgery in Beverly Hills, which just left him in more pain, severe debt, and a destroyed life.

For Peter it was a different journey, one of poverty, limited education and DEEP financial struggle…

Now, you typically wouldn’t think that an ancient practice like Qigong would help fill up your bank account, eliminate your debt, and end up making you MILLIONS but Peter Ragnar begs to differ!

One thing Peter learned early on in his training was that energy = health AND wealth.

You see Peter grew up in an extremely impoverished environment. His family was dirt poor, and he had little to no educational opportunities around him, or so he thought…

Peter began practicing Qigong, and learning the secrets of energy. He quickly dissolved his limiting beliefs around money and his whole life changed.

Now for Peter money was never a main life focus, his greatest joy has always come from spending time in nature, connecting deeply with his wife and teaching… but the time-freedom he experiences today comes from using ENERGY to create the abundance that set him free!

We’ve Created A Powerful, Yet Simple, 6-Step Qigong Energy Blueprint…

Through our combined 90-years of practice in the martial arts we have developed a western-friendly approach to the ancient energy empowerment benefits of Qigong. What you are about to discover is our time-tested 6-Step Energy Blueprint that takes a mere 10-minutes a session to implement for amazing health results.


According to Chinese medicine, when your “Chi” isn’t flowing freely, you get sick, stressed, or emotionally out of balance.

Disease, pain, and negative emotional conditions are usually symptoms of blocked energy.

Awakening your Chi is an essential way to thoroughly release energy blocks and eliminate the stress causing most imbalances.


You’ve probably heard or maybe even seen unbelievable feats of strength or other seemingly impossible things that masters of this ancient Qigong practice have accomplished.

Just imagine embarking on such a path of developing your vitality, strength and health. This 4-week program teaches you step-by-step how to do just that!


We’ve stripped away the mystique, confusion, and woo-woo surrounding Qigong and distilled the practice down to a program that uses a simple combination of breathing, martial art postures, focused concentration and gentle fluid movements.

In no time at all you will be able store your chi and super-charge your days with energy!


Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? You won’t believe how easy it is to get rid of dis-ease, fatigue and stress – and in only 10 minutes per session!

In the evenings we teach you how to use your Qigong techniques to quickly cleanse any negative energy and wash away worry or anxiety from your mind.


We think you’ll find this ancient energy technique simply amazing. Qigong has been around for over 5,000 years and is actually the grandfather of Chinese medicine, including T’ai Chi, acupuncture, and Shiatsu.

The reason you’re able to directly affect your sense of relaxation so quickly, is that you’ll be balancing your body’s energy, or “Qi”.


If you want more energy and balance (even if you currently suffering from dis-ease, fatigue, stress, pain, or the effects of aging) then you will absolutely love this easy to learn, powerful practice.

Good Morning Good Evening Qigong is based on common sense with scientific principles that nurture your health & well-being. Shall we begin?

Here’s Just A Few Of The Incredible Benefits Many People Experience From Practicing Qigong…

  • Strong immune system. Case studies show that Qigong strengthens your immune system to help protect you against viruses, bacteria and illnesses surrounding you!

  • Supercharged health. Qigong is renowned for rapidly lowering stress hormones, increasing disease-fighting antibodies and improving healthy organ function.

  • Clear and tranquil mind. When the mind is at peace, the body can better heal itself. When you have a calm mind, you will make better decisions and have the skill to know when act and when to be still.

  • Deeper, more restorative sleep. Trouble sleeping due to stress or worry? This simple practice at night before bed helps produce restful sleep (which by the way leads to less aging and fewer wrinkles).

  • Reduce or eliminate chronic pain. Qigong unblocks stagnant energy which allows more healing energy to flow through your body.

  • Straightens posture. Gentle stretches and postures open your joints, reduce painful trigger points, and promote balance and flexibility.

  • Increases energy and feelings of youthfulness. Simply put, avid Qigong practitioners seem to age much slower. Qigong add years to your life, and life to your years.

  • Tones and strengthen your muscles, soothe stiffness, increase your range of motion.

  • Improved digestion, and a more efficient metabolism.

  • Helps fight depression and encourages an optimistic and happy disposition.

  • And much, much more!

Success Stories

Naturally After Experiencing These Miraculous Results Ourselves We Had No Choice But To Start Teaching Our Clients And Friends…

Listen to these powerful testimonials...

What our students are saying…

What the teachers are saying…

“And The Life-Changing Stories Just Keep Pouring In, Is Yours Next?”

“I’ve thoroughly enjoyed Peter and Tristan’s amazing new ‘Good Morning Good Evening Qigong’ program!”

“I love its simplicity and pacing, making it easy for me to understand and fit into my schedule, and yet, as simple as it is, there’s clearly a profound wisdom in the process. More than anything, I love how I feel when I’ve done the program. I highly recommend it!”

Nick Ortner

The Tapping Solution, New York Times Best-Selling Author

"Tristan transforms and touches lives through his mastery and teachings of the Mind-Body-Spirit connection. He blows people's 'mind away' when he teaches at my live events and everyone feels changed for the better through his webinars and seminars. I highly recommend his methods and his ability to help anyone who is serious about their transformation. Let him help you on your path to mastery!"

John Assaraf

CEO NeuroGym™ & Feature Teacher from The Secret

... after two weeks ….I no longer need glasses

"Since I was 10 years old I had a prescription for -3.00 from the eye doctor just to see (pretty bad!) In the past four months, and the last two weeks specifically, I made tremendous improvements in my eyesight by relaxing and letting the qi flow!! Still have a little ways to go until it’s fully clear, but I have been astounded with what’s happening! Couldn’t be more filled with gratitude!!”

Bryce Bertoli

… You have no idea how excited I am to wake up each day with no pain.

"I’ve been going to a chiropractor every week for the last 20 years to treat pain in my back, neck, and shoulders. I purchased Good Morning Good Evening Qigong a few weeks ago and I did NOT go to the Chiropractor this past week as I did not need to. I feel amazing! Your program has literally changed my life. You have no idea how excited I am to wake up each day with no pain. I wanted to sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart. God Bless You!”

Kris Buettmann

... I don’t even need coffee anymore.

“I learned Tristan Truscott’s Good Morning, Good Evening Qigong routine to get things kick-started in the morning. I don’t even need coffee anymore.”

Will Sessions

I have had trouble sleeping my whole adult life…

“I do the Good Morning Good Evening Qigong every day and it has made a real difference in my life. I have had trouble sleeping my whole adult life and thanks to this program, I am now sleeping much better. That’s a lot of years of having trouble falling asleep because I am seventy. Thank you for your kindness.”

Nancy Sherman

… so much information that the other instructors neglected to teach.

“I have tried about 25 different qigong programs over the years and yours contains so much information that the other instructors neglected to teach. You guys make it exciting for this senior citizen.”

Steve Mehl

… now I can bring my leg up while sitting down without lower back strain…

“ I am having great results from this program! I practice it daily basis and have found that my lower back has more flexibility than before! Before I had a hard time putting my socks on, now I can bring my leg up while sitting down without lower back strain! I actually love it, the energy is so palpable, so thank you to everyone responsible putting this program together.”

Pete Gomez

... interesting that the chi went where it was most needed

“I have a broken wrist, and am in a cast, so I was not sure I would be able to feel the chi , but the interesting part is that I felt a very pleasant pulsating in my left wrist where the break is . It was a very healing feeling and interesting that the chi went where it was most needed …at least that is how it felt…Awesome !”

Marion Zeblin Mulrooney

... Have not felt an energy surge like that in almost 20 years.

“OK…so 2 days ago I did the Good Morning Routine. Afterwards, I walked into the kitchen to prepare cereal. Then, all the hair on my entire body stood straight up for almost TWO MINUTES. (Well, except for the hair on my head) There was a warming energy buzzing along all my skin. With goosebumps. I took pictures of my arms…amazing! Have not felt an energy surge like that in almost 20 years. Very cool. “

Ric Savacool

...the highlight of my day!

“I have so enjoyed ” Good Morning Good Evening Qigong”. Doing the routines is actually the highlight of my day! I do them no matter what and haven’t missed a single one. Much love to you all.”

Susan Tallents (Grandma)

...it takes all of the Law of Attraction & vibration understanding to a higher level...

“I’ve been doing the Qigong program for about a week now, and really love it! It takes all of the Law of Attraction & vibration understanding to a higher level, by making it physical- i.e. I’m not just thinking about flow and abundance, but my body is now feeling the movement and energy of its natural power. This is exactly what i was looking for!”

Dave Harewood

...has enabled me to re-affirm my faith in God...

“This Qigong has enabled me to reaffirm my faith in God, in good, and to find greater confidence that good can come into our lives.”

Kate Gould

…I shared it with my mother who is 85….ping pong!

“I love this program! Today I shared it with my mother who is 85….ping pong! she was up and about, busy, busy. Busy - plenty of energy!! ahhh fabulous! “

Lynn Micallef

...only 4 days and already seeing amazing things happening in my life!

“GMGE Qigong is amazing. I’ve only been doing it for 4 days and I am already seeing some amazing things happening in my life!”

Rami Ferrari

...headache dissipates and I sleep like a baby.

“Last night I attended a large awards ceremony with many people. I noticed a bit of a headache on the drive home. I do my Good Evening QiGong and the headache dissipates and I sleep like a baby. It works beautifully, perfectly, and harmoniously. “

Valerie Randall

... people are reacting to me in a more positive way...

“I’m no longer sluggish when I get up in the morning, I have more time to spend in the evening walking and playing with my dogs now because my energy level feels like when I was 20, so I don’t go home and pass out in front of the tv…I get out and get moving. I can tell my vibration is up by the way people are reacting to me in a more positive way and by how relaxed and less stressed I am when interacting with people. I look forward to continuing to build my Chi. What you are doing is a true blessing.”

Michel Foran

... this morning I feel amazing! And that was just the 1st time!!

“You guys are Awesome!! I did the Good Evening routine last night for the 1st time. On the last step I felt a good amount of tingling into my palms as if two beams of energy were flowing in. I attempted to read for a few minutes after and meditate…I say attempted because I am not sure if it was deep meditation or I just started to fall asleep:-) I went to bed and this morning I feel amazing! And that was just the 1st time!! I am looking forward to really building this up”

Chris McCartney

... I have had some pretty debilitating issues the last decade ...

“The practice is perfect for me because I have had some pretty debilitating issues the last decade and doing conventional exercise leaves me in pain. So glad to find a practice that leaves me

Will Sessions


“So, What’s Inside The Good Morning Good Evening Qigong Course?”

Here’s a look at everything you’ll get once you order today…

It’s Simple, Easy and Very Effective!

We’ve designed Good Morning Good Evening Qigong with you in mind. It’s real beauty is in it’s simplicity and the fact that it only takes 10-minutes per session! But don’t think for an instant that it’s not powerful! You read the testimonials above, this program is the real deal. It’s safe, fun, and it’s easy, and anyone can do it. Read below to learn all the exciting details about the program…

Morning Qigong Private Lessons & Daily Practice Sessions

There are 3 Private Lessons and 3 Practice Sessions for the Morning Qigong. On the Digital Videos we will take you slowly through the nuances, the subtleties and the details of each movement. Each week will build upon the previous, giving you a deeper understanding of what is going on in your body as you cultivate your QI to it’s highest levels throughout the 4-week journey.

Value $197

Evening Qigong Private Lessons & Daily Practice Sessions

While the morning Private Lessons and Practice Sessions focus on Awakening, Building and Storing your energy; the evening sessions focus on Cleansing, Calming and Accumulating your QI. Once you have completed the first three weeks of your QI development you will be ready to move on to the advanced and condensed 10-minute Qigong Power Sessions.

Value $197

10-Minute Qigong Power Sessions & Blueprint Audiobook

These 10-minute, highly energizing Power Session routines are your morning and evening practices to use for the rest of your life! Get ready for the floodgate of unlimited energy to open up… where you start attracting whatever you focus on by tapping into the awesome force of magical energy and creating the extraordinary life that you deserve.

Value $197

Quick Start Guide, 6-Step Qigong Energy Blueprint & QI Manual

To help get you started right away, guide you through the course and track your progress you’ll also be receiving a Quick Start Guide, the 6-Step Qigong Energy Blueprint and the Qi Manual!

Value $97

There’s No Waiting At All To Get Started! Introducing The Satori Method Academy…
~ Your Convenient Learning Center

We’ve harnessed today’s advanced membership technology to make it SO easy for you to learn Qigong! As soon as you place your Good Morning Good Evening Qigong order below you’ll get instant access to your course from inside our online Satori Method Academy.

It’s here that you can access all of your videos, audios and manuscripts from ANY computer and ALL of you mobile devices. And what’s even better… there’s no downloading needed, nothing to install and no waiting to get started!

  • Instant access to all of your course materials in the Satori Method Academy.

  • Simple login… works for all of your courses because everything’s in one place!

  • Take your training with you… the lessons stream on all your mobile devices!

  • Lifetime access to your courses… never worry about losing a disc or manuscript.

  • By going green you’ll help save trees and you’ll save money $

  • No shipping fees, or international duties fees or customs delays on digital orders.

  • Total support… we’re just a click away from inside your VIP member’s area!

“The Value, Energy, Healing, And Wisdom You’ll Gain From This Program Is Priceless, Literally!

The First Wealth is HealthEMERSON

When we first set out to create this program we had absolutely NO idea that it would be so well received…

Honestly, Good Morning Good Evening Qigong is a blessing to us all. That’s why we’ve done our best to make it absolutely affordable to you and everyone else on the planet looking to live a better quality of life.

However, before we tell you how much it is, we want you to know that your health, your sanity, and your life is just not something you can put a price tag on…

Seriously, your life is priceless. And what good is all the money in the world if you don’t have your health?

We’ve spent thousands of dollars learning these powerful healing secrets and we’ve invested countless hours into our own personal practices and what we’re offering you today is our very best stuff …

And because we want to get this ancient, healing technology into as many peoples hands as humanly possible we’re going to make it irresistible for you to own this one of a kind program.

“Plus Once You Order Today We’re Going To Throw In Some Truly Amazing Bonuses…

Bonus #1

Full-Body Relaxation Meditation Audio

Easily and quickly reset your Mind-Body-Spirit Connection with this 30-minute Full Body Relaxation Meditation, guided by Sabrina Truscott (co-founder of Satori Method).

As you listen you will be gently guided to unwind tension from your mind and body as Sabrina walks you through a full-body muscle relaxation process.

The beautiful narration with soft brainwave balancing music effortlessly releases physical tension from your body, while clearing stress, worry or concern from your mind.

This releasing process has been designed to provide the deepest level of relaxation, in the shortest amount of time.Simply lean back and relax as this guided audio taps you back into a natural state of ease and flow.

Real Value: $47

Bonus #2

The Qigong Energy Manifestor with Sensei Tristan

In this bonus you will get access to the Qigong Energy Manifestor. This detailed video will teach you how to use ancient energy manifestation secrets passed down throughout the ages by Martial Arts Masters so you can…

Quickly banish emotions that have been blocking you in the past. Boost your attraction signal to the MAX with this ancient four-step process. Open your heart’s energetic center so you only attract goodness and create golden opportunities in your life within just a few minutes.

Real Value: $97

  Bonus #3

Chinese Herbs For Energy, Stamina & Stress Relief

In this 182 page ebook you will discover powerful chinese medicines used for centuries to activate energy flow or Qi in your body. By unlocking stagnant energy you will experience more energy, have more stamina and be able to deal with stress easily!

These are the herbs used for centuries to activate the Vital Life Force Qi in your body!

*Comes as a Digital Download plus Immediate Online Access.

Real Value: $47

Bonus #4

Exercises to Combat Age Related Muscle Loss

Discover what you need to know about muscle mass loss (Sarcopenia) and what you can do to stop losing it - and even put healthy, sculpted muscle back on your bones!

Did you know that after the age of 30 you lose 5% of your muscle mass every decade? That’s 10% by the time you’re 50. Well we’re both well over 50 and we’d like to say “we still got the muscle”.

This video includes exercises to combat sarcopenia [Age Related Muscle Loss]

Real Value: $97

Super Bonus

Mastering Your Energy Blueprint (The Masterclasses)

With this Super Bonus you're getting access to a very special masterclass series that Tristan and Peter offered to the very first wave of students who went through the Good Morning Good Evening Qigong program.

This 6-part coaching series takes a deep dive into the 6-step energy blueprint; way beyond what is offered the home-study course alone.

With greater comprehension (of the energy blueprint) you’ll discover energetic and neurobiological insights that show you how to skyrocket your results with Qigong!

Real Value: $197

What’s All This Going To Cost?

Now, you would think that with everything we’re giving you so far we’d charge at least $1,000 for it…Heck, just the practice of Qigong itself could’ve saved Tristan a $90,000 back surgery!

But you’re NOT going to pay a $1,000 for this training. Not even close…

As we mentioned before we’ve got our hands on something REAL and more importantly something that works. (and that’s tough to find in this day and age of instant gratification and band-aid fixes!)

When we originally released Good Morning Good Evening Qigong we were going to price it at $397 and even though it’s worth twice that, we just knew it still wasn’t affordable for everyone.

And we’ll think you’ll be pleased at the insanely low price we came up with but let’s do a quick review of what you’re getting first.

So You Can Get All Of This…


Morning Qigong Private Lessons & Daily Practice Sessions

Value $197

Evening Qigong Private Lessons & Daily Practice Sessions

Value $197

10-Minute Qigong Power Sessions & Blueprint Audiobook

Value $197

Quick Start Guide, 6-Step Energy Blueprint & QI Manual

Value $97

Total $688


Full-Body Relaxation Meditation Audio

Value $47

The Qigong Energy Manifestor with Sensei Tristan

Value $97

Chinese Herbs For Energy, Stamina & Stress Relief

Value $47

Exercises to Combat Age Related Muscle Loss

Value $97

Mastering Your Energy Blueprint - The Master Classes

Value $197

Total $485


Yours For The Incredibly Low Price Of…

$397   $347  

JUST $297

(That's $876 in Savings!)

Order Below, Totally Risk Free!

[ Or Take Advantage of our 3-PAY option – JUST $99 x 3 ]

Full 100% Money Back Guarantee!

🔐 All your information is safe and secure. This entire transaction will take place on a secure server using SSL technology.

“If 10 Minutes A Day Could Give You More Energy Than You’ve Felt In Years, The Mental Clarity Of A Zen Monk, And More Importantly Your Life Back…How Much Would That Be Worth To You?”

Personally, we think you’ll agree, it’s a no brainer for you to invest in this course right now. And here’s why…

Your health is the single most valuable asset you have, PERIOD. If you’re not investing in your wellness now, you can bet that you’ll be spending A LOT more money down the road for not making the right choice today.

The cost of this course is nothing, heck we’re practically giving it away when you compare it to your average medical bills!

We’ve got good news for you… we’ve discovered a simple solution that if practiced daily can have profound impacts on your life and overall sense of well-being. Now when might be the best time for you to action?

Start Your Qigong Training Today!

When you order Good Morning Good Evening Qigong today you’ll receive $485 dollars in high value bonuses with this comprehensive home-study course – all for the low price of $297.

[ Or Take Advantage of our 3-PAY option – JUST $99 x 3 ]

🔐 All your information is safe and secure. This entire transaction will take place on a secure server using SSL technology.

60-Day Money Back Guarantee

Your satisfaction is 100% assured through our no risk ,money-back guarantee. If you aren’t fully satisfied with this program, contact us with 30-days for a full refund of your purchase price.

  • 100% Money Back Guarantee

  • 100% Secure Payment Server

  • 100% Commitment to You

  • 100% Life Time Online Access

  • 100% Total Customer Support

  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

  • “Energy Is Everything…”

    One final note before you place your order. We wanted to share a little something from the heart about energy and why it’s so important that you do everything in your power to reclaim yours now.

    We are students of energy because without it are lives simply don’t work. You need energy to fuel your body, you need energy to reach your goals, and you need energy to just plain feel good. It’s safe to say that learning to cultivate energy is the most valuable practice there is.

    But on a deeper level, you deserve to have more energy so you can use it to not only improve yourself but to go out there and make a REAL difference in the world. It doesn’t matter how old you are or how bad you think you may have it, we still believe that you have greatness inside of you and a voice and gifts that the world has yet to see. However, if you barely have the energy to make it through the day, your dreams will never see the light of day, and we simply won’t stand for that. And neither should you, now that you have discovered the secrets of energy.

    It’s time to take your power back. You can do it in just 10 minutes a day! We want to invite you to take back what’s rightfully yours; the truth is it’s been rightfully yours all along. It’s your time, you’re ready, you wouldn’t have read this far if there wasn’t something inside of you calling out for this.

    Make a decision that will forever alter the course of your life and therefore the lives of others today.

    Click the Place Order button below and we’ll be seeing you very, very soon!

    Yours in unlimited energy and abundance

    Sensei Tristan & Sensei Peter

    P.S. If you haven’t already ordered please do so now. CLICK HERE. Don’t wait another day to take charge of your energy and therefore your life.

    P.P.S. Remember not only do you get the entire online Good Morning Good Evening Qigong course, but you also get $485 in valuable bonuses just for ordering today!

    Start Your Qigong Training Today!

    When you order Good Morning Good Evening Qigong today you’ll receive $485 dollars in high value bonuses with this comprehensive home-study course – all for the low price of $297.

    [ Or Take Advantage of our 3-PAY option – JUST $99 x 3 ]

    🔐 All your information is safe and secure. This entire transaction will take place on a secure server using SSL technology.

    About the Creation of This Program

    Good Morning, Good Evening Qigong is brought to you by Satori Method. Co-founded by Tristan and Sabrina Truscott, Satori Method was born from turning a bummer into a BIG breakthrough!

    The video below tells the story of Tristan’s crippling back injury that led to a miraculous healing through energy work, and Qigong.

    Watch Our Docu-Mini Story About Our Healing Journey

    In order to help bring the art of Qigong to more people across the globe, Tristan and Sabrina teamed up with world renowned energy teacher, Peter Ragnar to co-create Good Morning, Good Evening Qigong.

    We sincerely hope you enjoy this comprehensive, western friendly, and easy-to-follow life enhancement program.

    Much love,

    Tristan & Sabrina.


    © Satori Method Academy. All Rights Reserved.